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Vysoke Tatry

In Slovakia, the heart of Europe, you will find the most compact high mountain range of the world - Vysoke Tatry Mountains. The unusually-composed town of Vysoke Tatry covers the entire Vysoke Tatry mountain range (The High Tatras).

This town was originally made up of fifteen small Tatran settlements (see links) formed over time, gradually developed into an integrated area, which counts among its features recreation and sporting facilities, curative sanitoria for various conditions and permanent residences. It is in many ways an unequalled symbiosis of development and conservation of the natural environment.

The Vysoke Tatry region is unquestionably the most visited in Slovakia. In a few hours, you can travel from urbanized areas to mountaintops offering matchless panoramas and a spectrum of flora and fauna -- and you are never far from one of the fifteen small communities of the area.
Vysoke Tatry
Village of Zdiar

Vysoke Tatry

Vysoke Tatry:


Strbske Pleso

Vysne Hagy

Nova Polianka

Tatranska Polianka

Tatranske Zruby

Novy Smokovec

Stary Smokovec

Horny Smokovec

Dolny Smokovec

Tatranska Lesna

Tatranska Lomnica

Tatranske Matliare

Kezmarske Zlaby

Tatranska Kotlina

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