Tatry - Wildlife

The chamois "mountain goats" (which appears on the TANAP logo) bears, boars, marmots and various deer species are only some of the many animals which help give the Tatras their character. Birds of prey, too, are found here in a unique combination.

Below are pictures of some of the wildlife which many tourists see every day in the Tatras.


The chamois, the symbol of the Tatras National Park, lives in the Western, High and Belianske Tatras, a separate subspecies: the Tatra Mountain Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra tatrica). The adult size of this mountain antelope, sometimes called a mountain "goat", is 75-85 cm long and 70-90 cm high, with weight of 24-36 kg. Both sexes have curved, hooked horns.

The habitat of this chamois is in alpine meadows in steep rocky terrain above 1700 m a.s.l. Up to the tree line (as distinct from other alpine chamois) it is seen only exceptionally, for short periods of time in the winter. It is active during the day, and particularly in the summer can be seen near hiking trails.

Older males live alone, while females and their young form small herds. The mating season is in November, and in May and June single young are born. The most serious predators of the chamois include the lynx and occasionally the wolf.

Despite year-round protection measures, the number of chamois within TANAP never tops 500 -- a critical state, with constantly decreasing tendency. Scientists carefully observe the behavior and health conditions of the chamois.

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