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High Tatras, Slovakia

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The Tatras National Park (TANAP), Slovakia's first national park, originated in 1949 after years of preparatory work. It is dedicated to conserving the unique alpine and subalpine ecosystems found in these mountains, among which are the tallest peaks in Europe between the Alps and the Caucasus.

Once covered by glaciers, which left behind over 100 mountain lakes (also known as tarn, or 'pleso' in Slovak), these mountains are home to over 1300 species of plants, about 40 of which are unexampled elsewhere. Chamois, brown bears, lynx, eagles, wolves and marmots are some of the 170 species of vertabrates dwelling here.

TANAP's more than 740 square kilometers include the largest forests in Slovakia managed not for lumber production but to protect the environment. Also, over 25 of the mountain peaks in TANAP reach to heights above 2500 meters above sea level.

Among the public activities of High Tatra National Park, which is headquartered in Tatranska Lomnica, are the TANAP Museum and the gardens of the Tatra Nature Exposition.

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Tatras Nature Exposition